Up to temperature in seconds: Faurecia receives Automotive Innovations Awards 2021 for electrically heated catalyst

Electrically heated catalyst

Faurecia, a world leader in automotive technology, has received the Automotive Innovations Award in the Conventional Powertrain category for its Electrically Heated Catalyst (EHC). The award honours the most innovative automotive suppliers and is presented by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM). The catalytic converter reaches the optimal temperature for pollutant conversion faster than other technologies on the market and consumes twice less energy in the process. The development of the EHC underlines Faurecia's objective to develop solutions for ultra-low emissions and more sustainable mobility.

Stricter emissions regulations require technologies that improve powertrain efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions. As part of its sustainability strategy, Faurecia has developed the electrically heated catalyst (EHC), which removes pollutants from the exhaust gases of petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

80% of pollutants are emitted in the first 20 seconds of an engine's operation. The electrically heated catalyst, which is activated in low-temperature phases, uses electrical energy to heat the exhaust gases and the ceramic catalyst cells to reach their full efficiency temperature in the shortest possible time. This provides a high-performance solution for petrol engines, where Faurecia's electrically heated catalyst can convert pollutants by 95 percent, and for diesel engines, where it can reduce NOx emissions by 75 percent.

The electrification of the powertrain is increasing the number of hybrid vehicles. The challenge is to ensure emission reduction during cold starts or at low speeds. Faurecia's electrically heated catalyst is designed to reach optimal degreasing temperature faster (in less than 10 seconds) and with two times less energy than other technologies on the market, while reducing pollutant emissions by almost 50 percent.

The electrically heated catalyst anticipates and meets the upcoming 7 emission standards as well as the ultra-low emission standards for urban areas.

The decision-making basis for the Automotive Innovations Award is a study based on surveys conducted by the Center of Automotive Management (CAM). The innovations of numerous global automotive manufacturers and suppliers are examined and evaluated according to quantitative as well as qualitative criteria. To determine the winners, the suppliers' published technologies are analysed over a two-year period and assessed according to their degree of maturity and innovation. In addition, customers are surveyed on the innovation performance of their suppliers.

Faurecia received Automotive Innovations Award for EHC
Faurecia EHC
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